"Having compassion, making a difference..." (Jude 1:22)

A matter of moments, and a few phrases, is inadequate to capture the ministries of the many fine saints who make up Living Way Apostolic Church. They are communicated daily through the lives of these committed Christians.

Notwithstanding, welcome to the web, and thanks for taking time to peruse our website. The very fact that you have visited our page portrays some measure of interest in Christ and His church. To be sure, there is no more marvelous mystery than the church or the body of our Lord, into which people of disparate culture and class, personality and perception, are miraculously made brothers and sisters. We would like to invite you out to see for yourself or to listen for yourself in our online services and archive. A new dimension in God awaits you at Living Way Apostolic Church.

We wish you God’s richest and best,
Rev. Nathan R. Thornton, Pastor

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